Reminders from the Codes Officer - Posted 09/22/08

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  • Sidewalk Snow Removal

Before the snow flies the Borough would like to remind all property owner’s that they must clean their sidewalks of ice and/or snow within 24 hours after the precipitation stops. All sidewalks must be cleaned to a minimum of 3 feet in width for the safety of all who pass by. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $100.00 plus court fees. You may want to take some time now before the bad weather hits to make arrangements with a neighbor or friends to take care of your sidewalks should you be unable to do so or out of town.

  • Cleaning Up After Your Pet

This subject should go without mention, but if you are out walking your pet please take a second and clean-up after your animal. It is very neighborly to do so. If you have forgotten the appropriate clean-up material please return to the site and clean up as soon as possible. Please note that failure to clean-up after your pet would be a violation of Borough Ordinance 607 which says that if your walking your pet and they “go” on any property that’s not yours you need to clean it up and properly dispose of it. Failure to do so could result a fine of up to $600.00 and the cost of prosecution.

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