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Do you love living in Paxtang? Do you want to help keep Paxtang a great place to live? Then the Citizens Advisory Committee is for you. The group is an informal group of residents whose mission is to promote a cleaner, safer community and to bring information to Borough Council regarding topics and events that impact the Paxtang area, and to promote and encourage active participation in improving the quality of our neighborhood. (The above was taken from the Paxtang Borough Web Site, please visit the site at At the present time we are trying E-meetings. For questions or to be added to our committee please call Chris Whitmer at 564-0620, or Murv Grunden at 561-2620.

Suggested projects we should be working on in 2007:

Block Parties for 2007.

Locating names and addresses of the elderly, so we can assist them when it snows. (We need volunteers to help with this project, call Murv Grunden 561-2620)

Look for homes that are unkept.

Suggestions to improve the appearance of our neighborhood.

The Greenbelt

Information on what was pulled out of the ravine area from 29th Street to the Greenbelt (gas spill area) of the Greenbelt in November 2006. From Jill Rondeau, President of The Greenbelt. Tires removed were 193 passenger tires and 3 truck tires. Approximately 3.5 to 4 tons of trash Approximately 150-200 shopping carts. If you would like to volunteer, join us the first Saturday of each month for group projects. Phone: 921-4733 Web Site

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